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Prices for processing animals you bring in
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  We accept cash, checks, debit & credit cards, BUT Because we are charged extra costs, there will be an extra 3% fee for debit & credit cards.  ****************************************************************************
We do NOT  vacuum seal.
All  orders are double wrapped using Freezer paper. 
Each pack of meat is labeled and dated. 
All orders are frozen and in Brown paper bags for pickup.. 
Freezer paper is guaranteed for over a year in the freezer.

Fill out your cutting sheet with how you want it cut.....
Click the link on the left to print cutting sheets
price change effective January 1, 2020
Custom Processing for BEEF & HOGS: 
 .48 lb for dressed weight +   $30 kill bill for BEEF
 .55 lb for dressed weight +   $30 kill bill for HOGS

 For all beef the minimum charge is $126 & hogs min chg is $140
 If your beef dresses over 800 lbs, there is an extra charge of $30 for extra handling
Custom Processing for GOATS & LAMB:
 Goats $70 & Lambs $80  per head
DEER PROCESSING   $90+ per deer
extra charge if you want the head & hide back for you to get mounted