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Cutting Instruction Sheets for your animal
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Print the form.
Put a (checkmark) by what you want. You don't need to tell us how many you want unless you only want a few of something. Steaks can be thicker than 3/4", just write what you want. Anything that's not checked will be ground into hamburger except organs(liver, etc). Expect to get about 1/4 - 1/3 of your total order in hamburger even if you check everything. *** *** QUARTERS MUST BE CUT THE SAME.
You can then email it to, bring it with you when you drop off your livestock, or call us and we will fill out a form by phone. You can leave the paper in the red box by the livestock pens if it's after hours.

click for HOG cut sheet

click for BEEF cut sheet

click for LAMB cut sheet

click for GOAT cut sheet