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2022 DEER season is almost here 
Pricing: $120 A "regular cut" includes Roast, steak, burger, and tenderloin. If this isn't what you want..... write down what you want. We DON'T make summer sausage. We DON'T slice jerky. We have a 24 hour drop-off room that is supplied with blank tags and markers. It has an AC unit to keep everything cool. Our entire property is monitored with cameras and a security system. Most deer meat are ready to be picked up within 2-3 days. In order to continue to receive all deer, orders MUST be picked up quickly so it doesn't fill up the freezer.

Example of cuts from deer body parts


extra $20

to Cape out with complete hide, so it's ready for you to take to a taxidermist for a Shoulder Mount.

extra $20

to get skin off the head ready for you to finish for an English Mount/ European Mount....

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